Fun Fantasy Highlight Hair Extensions for your Salon

Fun Fantasy Highlight Hair Extensions for your Salon

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Apr 12th 2019

Highlight strands are Fun, fantasy, crazy colored hair extensions, red, blue, purple, pink, teal and natural colors. They are a great way for salons to get started in the hair extension business.

Salons would be smart to keep on hand a selection of natural and fantasy highlight hair extensions. Clients may want a “pop” of color at the last minute. You can make extra $$ for only a few minutes work. If you have to wait to order the hair and then re-book the client the profit will be less or lost.

Small bundles with 5 strands per color are available at
5 strands of human hair keratin are $8
5 strands of synthetic fantasy strands are $5
1 Mini tape in is $5 (this is the easiest method)

Suggested colors to keep at your salon:

  • Fantasy Colors: Purple, Fuchsia(hot pink), Pink, Blue, Red, Teal
  • Natural colors: #60 (light blond), #18 (med blonde), #6 (caramel), #4 (med brown) #1B (off black)
  • Party Colors (heat resistant synthetic): Baby pink, hot pink, sky blue, white, blue, red, purple

All the equipment needed for our fantasy hair extensions are irons, shields, remover solutions, or micro rings and pliers, and an assortment of colors! Instead of bleaching hair and adding color for red highlights, or any other color why not use colored highlight hair extensions. By using fantasy hair extensions you will save damage to the client’s hair while giving then a vibrant color that will not fade!

  • Purple or Pink hair extensions for Easter
  • Green for St Patrick day
  • Blue, Red and White Extensions for 4th of July
  • Orange Extensions for Halloween
  • Green and Red for Christmas
  • How about your favorite team’s colors...really fun!

We also have synthetic feather hair extensions that are I-tipped for really easy application. No matter if they are real or synthetic they are fun way to express your personality! Turn to the brands you can trust from Vision Hair Extensions and find your favorite highlight extensions today!