Flat I-Tip Hair Extensions by Seiseta/Euro Socap - No Heat Micro-ring method

Flat I-Tip Hair Extensions by Seiseta/Euro Socap - No Heat Micro-ring method

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Aug 21st 2022

Have you ever had problems with your I-tip extensions? We have a new style I-tip by Seiseta that solves these issues. In the past, applying regular round I-tips was slow and tricky because they needed to be crimped perfectly or else there would not hold and may slip when you least expect. Removing regular I-tips also took some effort since rings sometimes bent wrong when removing which made removal difficult!

Seiseta's (formerly Euro SoCap) "Flat I-tip Hair Extensions" are the perfect solution for your “No Heat” clients needs. The wide, flat shape will hold onto client’s locks securely without any slipping or shifting while you wear it - no more stringy looking extensions because of the wider tip! Plus with one squeeze per ring these bad boys come off easy when needed so there is never any hassle during application time either

With the micro-ring, you can move up easily. It's not crimped so it slides back into place and stays hard for 2 to 3 applications! The tip is made out of a durable mesh rather than keratin which means the tip will last.

Hair lasts 3-6 months with proper maintenance.

16/18" and 20/22" Lengths

10 pieces per pack

8-12 packs are recommended for a full head application.

Grooved beads are recommended but large silicone beads work well too.

Sold to professional Stylists only by Vision Hair Extensions.

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Seiseta is the new name for Euro SoCap. Their new name, their high quality extensions and the fact that their hair is sold to professionals only sets them apart from the competition. Seiseta is translated as "You are silk"