General Hand Tied/Machine wefts

  • Invisible Genius Weft Invisible Genius Wefts 50g-60g  (1/2 weft)

    Invisible Genius Wefts 50g-60g (1/2 weft)

    Vision Select's Invisible Genius Wefts are incredibly thin, flat and light, making them the most invisible weft available.Thin as hand tied but can be cut anywhere for customization (no shedding). No return hair (beard) no scalp irritation, matting...

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  • 808 Machine Wefts

    808 Machine Wefts

    Customizable weft hair extensions that provide fullness and length! Made with 100% human Remy hair, these extensions can be applied in a variety of ways to achieve different looks. Whether your client is looking for a fuller head of hair, or just wants...

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  • Q Indian Hand Tied Wefts 20" - 14g Q Indian Hand Tied Wefts 20" - 14g

    Q Indian Hand Tied Wefts 20" - 14g

    Gorgeous hand tied hair extensions for beaded row application. Natural body wave after wash. 100% Indian temple hair, cuticle correct, Remy. Single drawn. The best price anywhere for blonde, hand tied hair extensions. You will love them!...

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  • Vision Machine wefts Vision Select Machine Wefts 18" - 100g

    Vision Select Machine Wefts 18" - 100g

    Machine tied straight hair extensions by Vision Select. These wefts have the same beautiful, tangle free 100% Cuticle remy hair that is in all Vision Select products. 18" Length Thicker than hand tied extensions Weft is thick all the way to the...

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  • Q-Indian Wefts 20" (machine tied) 100g Q-Indian Wefts 20" (machine tied) 100g

    Q-Indian Wefts 20" (machine tied) 100g

    Q-Indian Machine Tied weft hair extensions - Beaded row application and more... This is beautiful single donor cuticle correct hair. This hair is perfect for for beaded row application especially if your client has thicker hair.  Natural body...

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  • Curly Hand Tied hair extensions

    Curly Q Hand Tied Indian Temple

    Curly Q Hair Tied Hair Extensions are perfect for clients with naturally curly hair. The curl lasts through repeated washings, no worries about it going straight. Made with 100% Cuticle correct remy hair imported from India. Available colors are:...

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  • Bohyme Luxe Hand Tied

    Bohyme Luxe Hand Tied Hair Extension Information

    Bohyme Luxe hair extensions are the highest quality "Hand Tied" weft hair extensions used by professionals all over the world. The move up is fast, easy, and no mess with hand tied extension tools! Beaded weft hair extensions are the most...

  • Bond-A Weav Glue

    Bond-A Weav Glue

    LIQUID GOLD LACE BOND-A-WEAV EXTRA SUPER ADHESIVE Use to glue wefts of hair extensions together before sewing onto tracks.Perfect for gluing Hand-tied and Machine wefts. Gluing hand tied wefts together before sewing makes the application much easier...

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