General Tape-ins

These tape-in hair extensions are high quality extensions and are sold to individuals as well as professionals. Vision recommends that everyone have their hair extensions applied by a professional for the best outcome. Donna Bella Tape-in Hair Extensions are professional quality and come in 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 22” lengths. Single strands of Donna Bella tape-in samples are available if you want to give them a try. Mini Tape-ins are perfect for highlights and are sold as samples and packs of 10.

  • Donna Bella Tape-in Remover

    Donna Bella Tape-in Remover

    • SHIPS GROUND ONLY!! • Oil Based Remover • 4oz bottle • The oil-based Donna Bella hair tape-in bond remover helps the extension tape strips slide off smoothly, without damaging hair. Only a small amount is needed for each...

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  • C-22 solvent for hair extension removal

    C-22 Solvent 4oz - sticky residue remover

    C-22 IS THE ORIGINAL FORMULATION. All others are generic brands.  A fast acting cleaner to remove residual glue from tape-in extensions and all hair systems. Having tested many citrus solvents, we have found this 4 oz. C-22 citrus solvent remover to...

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  • Euro SoCap Tape-in Information

    Euro SoCap Tape-in Information

    Professional Sales Only To purchase Euro SoCap Tape-In hair extensions please register above. Hair Professionals only. Tape-in Hair Extensions by Euro So.Cap/Seiseta includes 12 replacement tapes Euro So.Cap. revolutionizes the field of...