Hand tied video #1

This video shows the "chained beaded row" method developed by Lynn Bogen and Vision Hair Extensions. In this video the weft has already been prepared for installation. The weft contains 3 bundles of hand tied Vision Select hair glued together into one. Bohyme hand tied extensions can also be used with this method. Look for the video "How to glue together hand tied wefts" coming soon. Gluing the wefts together isn't the only way but we like gluing, it makes for a stiffer weft that keeps the ends nice and flat.

This beading and sewing method of applying weft hair extensions can also be use with any types of weft you have. Machine wefts are great for people with thick hair that can cover the thicker weft. Vision Hair Extensions can supply just about any type of weft you need. We even have curly machine wefts. give us a call 877-799-8363. Thanks!