Find all your hair extension accessories and tools here. Hair extension irons for keratin (fusion) bonding, shields for the cleanest application, remover solutions for keratin and tape-in removal, re-bonding supplies, copper & silicone micro rings, shampoo and conditioners and much more…

  • Hair Extension Iron (fusion tool)

    Hair Extension Iron (fusion tool)

    Economy flat-tipped hair extension Tool $29Professional Hair Extension Fusion Tool $49All Hair Extension Irons works fantastic on both flat and U-tipped hair extensions. The flat tips gives better control and consistent temperature which...

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  • Donna Bella Color Ring

    Donna Bella Color Ring Finding the right hair color is easy when you have the actual hair on-hand. The sample are made from high-quality Donna Bella hair so you can touch and see the exact products. It's easy to hold, store and share. Order this...

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  • Copper Micro Rings

    Copper Micro Rings

    Copper Micro Rings for Applying I-Tips  2 sizes available: Small 2.5mm wide x 6mm long for fine hairLarge 3.0mm wide x 6mm long for med -thick hair100 pieces.........$61000 pieces.....$49 Copper Micro Rings for Hair...

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  • Donna Bella Keratin Cutter

    Donna Bella Keratin Cutter

    The Keratin Bond Cutter is a new, innovative Donna Bella tool specifically designed to help stylists cut the bonds of Keratin Hair Extensions during the pre-installation process. Cutting Keratin bonds can give smaller, more flexible pieces that...

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  • Shields for Keratin Hair Extensions

    Hair Extension Shields are needed to keep the hair and the keratin bonds separated and help to make a neat extension. These protective shields for hair keep stray hairs away from the strand you are working on. Use with keratin tipped, fusion...

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  • Donna Bella Lux Tool for Keratin & I-Tip removal

    Donna Bella Lux Hair Extension Tool

    Donna Bella’s all-new hair extension clamp tool is SLEEK, STRONG, AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. Its simplistic design may understate its multi-faceted capability, but it’s a tool fully equipped to handle any and all bead and fusion...

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  • Donna Bella Shields

    Donna Bella Protector Disks

    Use Donna Bella hair extension protection disks while installing Kera-Link Hair Extensions to keep surrounding hair clean and protected. Simply clip the disk to hair, right at the part line where the extensions are going to be installed. Pull a strand...

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  • Silicone Micro Rings

    Silicone Micro Rings

    Silicone Hair Extension Micro Rings for Applying I-Tips  3 sizes available: small, large, x-large Actual sizes: We give you the inside diameter, outside diameter and heightSmall: 2mm inside, outside 4mm, 2.5 height Large: 2.5mm...

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  • Tape-in Placement Card

    Tape-in Hair Extension Placement Card

    Keep your tape-in hair extensions organized with this specially designed card. Never forget where each extension should be placed with this tape-in hair extension placement card. Laminated so it can be used over and over again. 11" X 17" Use with...

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  • Donna Bella Flair Tool Set for I-tips

    Donna Bella Flare Hair Extension Tools Titanium Plated Stainless Steel Easy Gripping Used for I-tip Beads, micro rings A pair of elite, titanium-plated Flare hair extension tools designed especially for Micro ring hair extension beads. These...

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