Keratin Rebonds

Keratin re-bonds are used to re-tip your hair extensions. Reusing your high-quality
keratin bond extensions can save you hundreds! There are replacement tape strips for Donna Bella,
Euro So.Cap and more! You will also find 
keratin tips and sticks to make your keratin bond extensions like new!
Vision Hair Extensions also carries clear keratin grains to re-tip keratin bond extensions.
Or if you have the keratin re-bonding extension supplies already, maybe you
are looking for a keratin glue gun – we’ve got you covered!
Vision Hair Extensions wants you to get the most for your money and have
beautiful extensions for long-lasting wear. That’s why we provide affordable 
hair rebonding accessories
and products to care for your investment. Shop our re-tipping and re-bonding selection today and start saving!
  • Donna Bella Keratin Rebonds

    Donna Bella Keratin Rebonds

    When it's time to tighten or reuse Kera-Link hair, use Donna Bella Keratin Rebonds. They're made with 100% keratin and are fused to hair with a hair extension iron for a smooth finish. Rebonds can be placed on top of old bonds or on strands whose...

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  • Super Keratips

    Super KeraTips

    The strongest keratin glue tips available. These Super Kera-tips can be used with a hot fusion iron or ultrasonic machine to bond hair extensions.Approximately 250 Tips Per Pack 

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  • Keratin Glue Grains

    Clear Keratin Grains 1.5oz

    Re-tip and reuse your hair extensions with these economical keratin glue grains designed for tipping and hair extensions. These are strong keratin grains. The only stronger keratin is the Super Keratip. 1 pack can rebond 300-500 extensions...

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