Keratin Rebonds & Glue

Keratin re-bonds are used to re-tip your hair extensions. Reusing your high-quality
keratin bond extensions can save you hundreds! You can also buy wefts or bulk hair and make your own keratin/fusion extensions
There are replacement tape strips for Donna Bella, Bond-A-Weave glue is for bonding together weft extensions or bonding directly to hair.
Ultra Hold Hair Extension Glue  is used with tape-in hair extensions if you need extra hold.

Or if you have the keratin re-bonding extension supplies already, maybe you
are looking for a keratin fusion iron – we’ve got you covered!
Vision Hair Extensions wants you to get the most for your money and have beautiful bonding hair extensions for long-lasting wear. 
That’s why we provide affordable hair rebonding accessories
and products to care for your investment. Shop our re-tipping and re-bonding selection today and start saving!
  • Keratip® Powder

    Keratip® Powder

    Meet your new best friend! Use Super Keratip Powder to rebond used I-Tip or Keratip extensions, or create new extensions from scratch. To use: Place one heated end of Pro Fusion Tool into Super Keratip Powder jar. Press two heated edges together to...

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  • Donna Bella Keratin Rebonds

    Donna Bella Keratin Rebonds

    When it's time to tighten or reuse Kera-Link hair, use Donna Bella Keratin Rebonds. They're made with 100% keratin and are fused to hair with a hair extension iron for a smooth finish. Rebonds can be placed on top of old bonds or on strands whose...

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  • Super Keratips

    Super KeraTips

    The strongest keratin glue tips available. These Super Kera-tips can be used with a hot fusion iron or ultrasonic machine to bond hair extensions.Approximately 250 Tips Per Pack 

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  • Bond-A Weav Glue

    Bond-A Weav Glue

    LIQUID GOLD LACE BOND-A-WEAV EXTRA SUPER ADHESIVE Use to glue wefts of hair extensions together before sewing onto tracks.Perfect for gluing Hand-tied and Machine wefts. Gluing hand tied wefts together before sewing makes the application much easier...

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