I-Tip Hair Extensions

  I-tip hair extensions are perfect if you do not want to use heat, (keratin fusion), to apply hair extensions. I-tip application is sometimes called “cold fusion” but it is not the same as the expensive cold fusion machines, ($4,000 and up), which uses sound waves to melt the keratin.
  I-tips are great for just a few highlight strands. No need for electricity so they are perfect for outdoor events, team colors, charity events, parties are just a few options. Full head applications can be achieved also. Vision Hair Extensions carries Donna Bella I-link, I-tip fantasy highlights in packs of 5 strands, grizzly feather I-tips and 808 I-tips (professional sales only)

Tools needed for I-tip installation - All tools available in Accessories

  • Pulling loop or hook
  • Pliers to close and open micro rings or the Donna Bella "Flair Tool Set" for hard to remove Micro Rings
  • Micro rings
  • More information is available in our free “Hair Extension Training Guide
  • Donna Bella I-Link 18" Straight

    Donna Bella I-Link 18" Straight

       18" Donna Bella I-Link Straight Hair Extensions20 strands per pack Strand by Strand: Donna Bella’s I-Link Hair Extensions are installed using a grooved bead with a strand by strand method. This allows for 360 degrees of natural...

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  • Grizzly Synthetic Feather Extensions Grizzly Feather Hair Extensions

    Grizzly Synthetic Feather Extensions

    Get the feather look without the feather price. Apply these synthetic feather hair extensions with micro rings. 5 Strands for $8 Colors as shown: Grey, Brown, Light Purple, Lime Green, Orange, Hot Pink.  Not Shown: Red, Blue   • Long...

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  • 808 Information

    808 Information

    Professional Sales Only To purchase 808 hair extensions please register above. Hair Professionals only. 808 Regular Keratip Hair ExtensionsMade of 30% Indian Remy Hair & 70% Asian Remy Hair (highest quality Asian). The Super...