No Heat Hair Extension Method by Seiseta

No Heat Hair Extension Method by Seiseta

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Nov 3rd 2023

Seiseta Flat I-Tip Hair Extensions: The Solution to Your "No Heat" Clients' Needs!

Have you ever struggled with applying and removing regular round I-tip hair extensions? If so, you're not alone. These types of extensions require precise crimping and can easily slip or bend during removal, leading to a lot of frustration for both the client and stylist. Seiseta's Flat I-Tip Hair Extensions have revolutionized the application and removal process, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. These extensions, designed with a unique flat shape, ensure a firm grip on your client's hair, preventing any unanticipated slippage.

One of the standout benefits of these flat I-Tip extensions is their effortless removal process. With just one squeeze per ring, these extensions easily come off, eliminating any stress during application time. But it's not just about the ease of application and removal. The extensions' tips are made from a durable mesh, ensuring longevity and ability to withstand multiple applications.

The Flat I-Tip Extensions are applied with "grooved" with micro-rings, making the process of moving up extremely easy. The ring isn't crimped, it is simply flattened allowing for easy removal and reapplication. And need we say more about the hair's quality? These extensions give you 3-6 months of natural-looking, luscious locks with proper maintenance.

In conclusion, Seiseta's Flat I-Tip Extensions are not only a professional stylist's dream but also a delight for any client seeking a hassle-free, "no heat" hair extension solution. So why wait? Sign up for a professional account, and explore the wide variety of hair extensions available at Vision Hair Extensions, including brands like 808 by The Hair Shop, Vision Select - European Quality Remy human hair, Donna Bella, and more. Welcome to the world of Seiseta – where "You are silk."