Hair Extension Questions and Answers

Q. Will hair extensions damage my hair?
A. As long as the hair extensions are applied properly and you take the proper care of them there should be no damage. I have personally had clients with very thin hair have extensions for years with absolutely no damage. A lot of this depends on you.  If you are a very restless sleeper you can damage your hair because the constant rubbing on a pillow can cause your hair to be pulled out. It is best to sleep with your hair in a braid or pony tail to help this. You need to be gentle with your hair. If you are used to just ripping a brush or comb through your hair they may not be for you. Using the correct brush helps and making sure your hair is kept tangle free and free flowing is very important. Extensions are not hard to take care of you just have to be aware of them so you don’t catch them with a comb or your fingers.
Our number one recommendation is to run your fingers between your bonds every day to keep your extensions separated.
-Brush once a day with a loop brush if your hair is thick or a natural bristle brush reinforced with nylon bristles for finer hair. So if you have a brush and it feels like it is tearing your hair out it probably is.
-Don't go to bed with wet hair.
-Wear a ponytail or braid to bed.
-Hold your hair at the roots or base when combing. This will keep tension off of your own hair.
-Dry your bonds after washing and  you can let the rest air dry.
As long as you are gentle with your extensions you should be able to go 3-6 months with them in - enjoy them, extensions are not hard to take care of.

Q. What is the shortest hair can be to get extensions?
A. The best minimum length for extensions is 5" long. This is especially important for the top layers. We can do extensions on hair as short as 3" long if you are desperate but will take extra extensions and extra expense to blend in all of the short hair so you don't get a "mullet" look. So if you can wait for  5",  it's best measure with a ruler, you may be surprised at how long your hair actually is.

Q. Can I still highlight and color my hair with extensions in?
A. Yes, you can color all your roots with hair extensions. It is best to get them professionally done.  Highlight the top and sides of your hair with foil. The extensions work as the rest of your highlights.

Q. Can you tell me why "Strand-by-Strand bonding or fusion" the extensions is better than "sewing" the extensions?  It seems to be quite a bit more expensive.
A. When extensions are sewn on, (as in a weave) there are several solid rows of hair going from ear to ear across the back of your head. It is very difficult to properly shampoo your hair under this and because it tends to be very thick it can take many hours to dry making for an unhealthy condition. Over the weeks it can be very itchy and flaky.  Strand-by-Strand fusion such as Vision, Great Lengths, and SoCap  extensions are attached to a tiny 1/4 " section of your hair and are completely free flowing. You can run your fingers between every extension which makes them the most comfortable, natural looking extensions. You are paying for the extra time it takes to apply and the high quality of the hair.

Q. My hair is really thin on top. Can extensions fill in the top of my hair?
A.   Hair extensions are great to give your hair more fullness and length. But sometimes you need more coverage because the hair on the top of your head is too thin to properly cover the hair extension bonds. A small hairpiece may be needed to fill in the top of your hair. Topik may also work to help fill in the hair on your top.(Topik has fine hair fibers you sprinkle on the top of your hair to fill in thin spots) Topik in addition to extensions can make your thin hair look thick again. 
     If your hair is too thin for Topik a hair replacement or hair piece may be needed. Please don't let the thought of a hair piece scare you. The way they are made today they are very natural and undetectable. Hair pieces can be custom made to perfectly blend in with your hair color and perfectly fit the contours of your head. For women the hair replacement can be long or short to blend into your hair and in no way looks like a wig. I wish more women would give this technology a chance because it can drastically improve the look and self-esteem of a person. No one will ever know you have it on! Hair pieces can be taken on and off at home, with the use of clips or toupee tape, or can be more permanently attached at a salon. Retightening would be needed every 4-5 weeks. Email us or come in for a consultation to find out what would work best for you.

How long do Super Keratip Hair Extensions last?
Vision recommends keeping extensions in from 3-4 months. Although they can be kept in longer, longer wear can cause stress on the client’s hair and should be avoided.
We have a complete Vision Hair Extension Kit that gives you everything you need to do hair extensions plus a training DVD. It’s possible to get certified by mailing a completed manikin to us after purchasing this kit. The kit price is only $125
How to take care of your Hair Extensions

1. Keep the hair clean. You can wash your hair every other day, If not you should wash it at least once or twice a week with warm water, not hot. Wash your hair immediately after swimming, spa, exercise, etc. When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair tangles. Too much leave-in conditioners and other hair care products will create a buildup on the hair and will cause it to tangle faster. If the hair feels dry or heavy with buildup, wash it with good, salon quality, shampoo & conditioner.

2. When swimming, always wear a cap or keep your hair out of the water to prevent prolong exposure to chlorine or salt water (salt water can be very dangerous for extensions, you are taking a chance) which causes the hair to tangle. I recommend pre-wetting your hair with water then applying some conditioner before swimming. This will keep it from absorbing too much chlorine or salt water. Always wash the hair right away with shampoo and conditioner after swimming in either type of water. When going to the spa, the hair should be brushed out completely and should be wrapped in a cold wet towel. All but the best extension hair (Great Lengths for example) can completely mat up the instant it hits salt water. It can also happen with sweat. so be careful.

Make couple of big braids or pony tails when going to sleep, swim, or exercise (please untangle the hair before making the braids). NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR it can mat up! Make sure the hair is completely dry before going to bed.

4. Make sure you brush the 1-2 times hair daily and apply some leave-in conditioners so that the hair is soft and manageable. Try not to put conditioner on the bonds if you are using any strand-by-strand extensions. With any strand-by-strand extensions it is very important to keep the bonds tangle free and separated. Run your fingers between them once or twice a day and brush your roots 2-3 times daily with a natural bristle brush, for very fine hair, or a loop brush, for thicker hair. A good leave-in hair treatment can keep the hair from drying. But remember not to put too much otherwise there will be a build up and make the hair feel too heavy. If the hair feels too dry or heavy with too much hair care products, you should wash the hair.
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