Donna Bella Hybrid Wefts vs Machine Wefts vs Hand Tied Wefts

Donna Bella Hybrid Wefts vs Machine Wefts vs Hand Tied Wefts

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Aug 2nd 2020

Hand Tied Application Video

Beaded Row/Hand tied hair extensions are an extremely popular way of applying hair extensions. In my opinion it is the gentlest way of application for people with fine/thin, delicate hair.

With the popularity of the “Beaded Row” technique, many people think that sewing hair onto a row of beads is hand tied extensions. What makes beaded rows hand tied is by using “Hand Tied” wefts. Machine made wefts can also be sewn onto beads in the same way.

New Donna Bella Hybrid wefts are the perfect combination between machine made and hand tied wefts.

  • Donna Bella Hybrid wefts are almost as thin as hand tied but they can be cut like machine made extensions without unravelling or gluing.
  • They come in one long weft like machine wefts.
  • They come in full packs 110-120g or Half packs 60g
  • The hair is 100% cuticle correct remy hair with a straight texure.

Machine made wefts are made with a special sewing machine that connects all the hair into one long weft.

  • Most machine made wefts are 3-4oz of hair and are one continuing weft.
  • They can be cut to length without gluing or unraveling.
  • A machine-made weft is has double the hair thickness as a hand tied weft so using only 1 or 2 per row may be enough.
  • The weft (sewn part) is thicker so it is not as easily hidden in fine hair. I recommend machine wefts for people with thick hair. Braided weaves typically use machine wefted hair.
  • Machine wefts typically cost less because they are less time consuming to make.

Hand tied hair is exactly that, a weft that is painstakingly created by hand.

  • The thinnest weft.
  • Stack different colors on one row to create dimension.
  • 11”-12” wide
  • Do not cut because it will shed. Simply fold and sew-in.
  • Best for thin hair.
  • Most people use 2-4 wefts per row.
  • 1-3 rows per head.

Whatever type of weft you use you can purchase all of your hair, silicone beads and supplies at Vision Hair Extensions.