Where Does Hair Extension Hair Come From?

Where Does Hair Extension Hair Come From?

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Aug 31st 2018

Indian Hair - Indian hair is considered by many to be the most beautiful hair in the world.

It is fine in texture and comes with a natural body wave that is the perfect texture for most people. Indian hair can also be purchased with a strong natural curl which is full of volume. A large percentage of the highest quality hair extensions sold today are from India. Wondering how so much hair can come from India? Do people just sell their hair or is the hair taken from dead people?

India is a country with a large religious population of Hindus. Hinduism is a religion consisting of various customs and beliefs in the name of faith. One such belief in Hinduism is sacrificing ones hair in the name of God. Donating hair to God is an ancient practice which has been going on for many centuries. For most people, hair is what defines their appearance and beauty. In India, cutting your hair is considered letting go of your ego for God. No one is greater in front of God, and by sacrificing your hair in the name of God, you are letting go of your ego and devoting time for God. People in India usually donate hair because they are grateful for a blessing or are asking for a blessing. Everyday thousands of Hindus gather in religious places like temples to pray to God and sacrifice their hair. Temples have tonsure rooms where devotees sit in rows and get their hair shaved by people appointed by the temple. The cutting process is done in a clean hygienic environment using disposable razors. The hair is then collected and put aside for auction. The hair in these auctions is usually sold by the ton. A chain of buying continues from the main buyer to various middle men and distributors. These large quantities of hair are sent to the factories of the suppliers and then sorted, hackled and sorted by length. It is then sterilized, washed and dried under the sun outdoors. After drying, it is drawn and tied into bundles.

Italian Hair - Sorry Italy, most Italian extension hair is from India, Italy is the largest importer of Indian hair today. Italy does process the hair but they don’t grow it.

Asian/Chinese - This type of hair is usually very straight and coarser that Indian, European or Russian hair. If you can get real remy Chinese hair that has not been over processed it can be very beautiful. Make sure your client’s hair is straight and medium to coarse in texture or it will not look natural. Most Chinese hair is non-remy and will only last a short time.

European Hair - Hair that is called European does not necessarily come from Europe. It is a name for hair with a similar fine texture. Indian hair, Latin American hair, Ukrainian hair and Moldavian hair may all be called European, (Chinese hair can be stripped down to mimic the fineness of European but it is of extremely low quality). There is one thing you can be sure of; the European hair you purchase will not be coming from a rich European country, only the poorer countries have a hair market.

Russian Hair -True Russian Hair is very-very expensive –about $200+ an ounce and it is hard to find. The natural virgin colors range from level 2 to level 6 anything lighter needs to be processed to become lighter. If you are going to invest in Russian hair, it is best to use it with a sewn in weave so it can be reused for a few years. If you use keratin bonds make sure you use a high quality keratin to prevent shedding. Super Keratip Rebonds are the best and strongest keratin to use with this excellent hair. Russian hair can be reused for up to 2 years.

Virgin Hair - There is very little true virgin hair in hair extensions. The term virgin means never colored or permed. Chinese/Asian virgin hair will be black to off black in color and straight, if it has been acid washed it is not virgin. Indian Virgin Hair is color #1B (off black) to #2 (darkest brown). European Virgin Hair is the same as for Indian: color #1B (off black) to #2(darkest brown).

Synthetic Hair - This type hair is best used for temporary occasions. Synthetic does not move the same as real hair and it can look overly shiny which comes off as fake. It may be a good alternative over very cheap human hair because it will not mat and tangle as fast. A heat resistant type that can be curled with a curling iron is called FUTURA.

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