​Matching Hair Extension Colors to your Client’s Hair

​Matching Hair Extension Colors to your Client’s Hair

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Mar 7th 2019

Unless your client has flat-one colored hair, (this is unusual), it is very important for the best result to order 2 to 3 hair extension colors. A color ring is important to have for matching.

The following are some tips learned from many years of hair extension application experience:

The hair extension color does not have to be an exact match to the client’s hair color. Look for the same depth of color not the exact tone. Once the extensions are in they will “take over” the whole head of hair and will look great. Most extensions will have a slightly warmer tone than the client’s hair, because the hair extension color is lightened and the natural warmth has come out.

Don’t let your client select the color. This is your job as a professional, some people will go crazy worrying about the hair not being exact. You know better than they do, save yourself the headache and trust your experience.

Don’t show the client the hair before application unless there is a specific reason. You know when the hair arrives if the color will work or not you don’t need to ask your client. Many times nonprofessionals think the hair is too dark or too light or not enough. This adds more stress and worry for them and you. Have your hair all set up and ready when they arrive. A Donna Bella Strand Organizer is a great tool for setting up the hair for installation.

Open you package as soon as it’s delivered to make sure everything is correct. It happens over and over. A stylist has their extension hair for several days but they are busy and never get around to opening the package. The morning of the service comes, the package is opened and the order is wrong! It could have been easily fixed if it was opened upon delivery.

Select a base color, low-light and highlight or base color and highlight. Level 5 and lighter hair looks best to have 3 colors- Base, highlight, and low-light. These colors can be just a shade apart or several shades for a more dramatic effect. Level 4 and darker looks best to have 2 shades best-usually the base then a highlight.

Base Color: is selected by matching the client’s hair color at the mid shaft of the hair just below the occipital bone. The Base color will make up approximately 50%-75% of the total amount of hair extensions. This hair should never be as light as the ends of the client’s hair or it will look washed out and unnatural.

Highlight Color: is selected by matching the client’s ends or existing highlights. This color should make up approximately 25% of the total amount of hair extensions.

Low-light Color: is selected by matching the clients root color for a natural look or 1-3 shades darker for a more dramatic look. Low-lights should make up approximately 25% of the total hair extensions.