How to Remove Keratin or Fusion Hair Extensions

How to Remove Keratin or Fusion Hair Extensions

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Mar 29th 2020

Removal Video here or see video at bottom of page

Keratin (aka fusion) hair extensions are the type of extensions that are applied with a hot fusion tool or iron. The extensions themselves come pre-tipped with keratin. (I’ve heard of some people using a flat iron for application but they are too wide to do a good clean job). I’ll be adding a new application video soon. Here is an application video I created 12 years ago but is still valid

Remove in a systematic way, select a row to remove and clip all the other hair up out of the way (I usually start in the nape but anyplace is fine).

Add a generous amount of D-Bond Gel to all the keratin bonds in the row. D-Bond Gel is thick which helps it cling and start breaking down the keratin.

Take 3-4 bonds and start cracking them with the Pro Removal pliers.

Once they are starting to crack add a few drops of Vision Removal solution and crack again.

Continue adding remover and cracking until the keratin is completely crumbled and the extensions easily pulls out. (either save this hair or throw away – look for my re-tipping video coming April 2020)

Vision Removal solution is stronger than D-Bond gel which gives the removal a kick. Once the extensions are removed you may find tangling and matting above where the bonds were. This is normal.

Use a good detangling spray in this area and with a fine-tooth comb carefully comb out the tangles. I occasionally use a t-pin to get into tight “dreads” that sometimes happen. The more care you take getting out the tangles without breaking the hair the better hair health you will have.

I recommend having your extensions removed by a professional but they can also be removed at home.
If you are doing a home removal take your time and work on a few bonds at a time and rest your arms in between. If you have a loved-one to help ALL the BETTER!

I am writing this during the covid-19 pandemic and I realize many people need to remove extensions but can’t go to a salon because they are closed.

  • 1. You can use either D-Bond Gel or Vision Removal Solution you don’t have to have both but using the 2 together works best.
  • 2. Pro removal pliers work the best but in a pinch you can use regular pliers, (just don’t cut your hair with the cutter)
  • 3. DON’T reheat the keratin and slide it out of your hair. You can remove the extension this way, but you leave behind a thin trail of melted keratin that is very hard to remove and keeps you from combing out any dreads/ tangles.
  • 4. Give yourself time. It can take a professional 1-2 hour for removal so expect it to take longer if you are doing it for yourself. 
  • 5. The longer the extensions are in the easier the keratin breaks down, but the tangling may be worse if they have been in for a long time.
  • 6. Most of the modern, up-to-date hair extension companies use keratin that is removed with an alcohol-based remover. In a pinch you can use 91-99% isopropyl alcohol. (70% rubbing alcohol is not strong enough)
  • 7. Rare: Some old fashioned extension applications use a keratin that is broken down with acetone (finger nail polish remover) If you start to remove your extensions and instead of the keratin starting to crumble they start getting “sticky” then you have the wrong remover. Go to the drug store and get a bottle of acetone fingernail polish remover. Put it in a bottle with a spout and try the process again only using the acetone. If your extensions were applied with a glue gun they probably need acetone to remove. Acetone will not work on extensions that need alcohol based remover.
  • Warning! all the above mentioned removers are Flammable!

I hope this information helps! Lynn