How to Perm (permanent wave) Hair Extensions

How to Perm (permanent wave) Hair Extensions

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Apr 23rd 2020

How to Perm Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions 
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Perming hair extensions should only be attempted if absolutely necessary. The person doing the chemical service is responsible for any problems with the hair after any chemical service. You should have previous permanent wave experience before attempting. This guide will help with step-by-step instructions for perming hair extensions. 

  • Only perm remy (cuticle correct) hair. Never perm non-remy hair .
  • Never perm hair when the extensions are in the clients head. This will put too much stress on the clients own hair and may cause some hair loss. 
  • Do a strand test on a couple of strands to see if the perming will be successful 
  • Recommended perm formulas:
    • select the perm formula according to the color of the hair 
    • Colors #1, #1B & #2 – Use a regular strength perm. 
    • Colors #3 thru #12 and most reds– Use a color treated formula  
    • All blonde hair from dark blonde to light blonde need to be permed with a bleached perm. 
    • Do a test perm on a few strands first!!!
  • Wrapping: Bundle strands together into packs of 2-3 strands with tiny elastics. 
  • Wash all of your little bundles with a clarifying shampoo 
  • Each little bundle will be wrapped onto 1 perm rod 
  • Wrap using end papers in a spiral manner on ordinary perm rods in your chosen size. 
  • Process according to directions. It is recommended to strand test the hair early. 
  • Continue to follow all perm directions from manufacturer. 
  • After neutralizer is rinsed let the hair dry on the rod for the best curl. 
  • Rinse hair after removal from rods • Make sure that the bonds have no residue on them after the perm process is over, it may affect the hold of the keratin.

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