How to Charge for Tape-in Hair Extensions

How to Charge for Tape-in Hair Extensions

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Mar 26th 2019

How much should I Charge for Tape-in Hair Extensions?

I get this question all the time. It is a good idea to check with local salons to see what they charge. Metropolitan areas will have higher tape-in hair extension costs than rural areas. That being said here is my personal pricing schedule. I refer to each tape-in strand as a weft (1 ½” wide).

Have your clients pay for the hair separately. (Some stylists up charge 10%). This also is their deposit which encourages them to show up for their appointment. You may want to have an agreement that they sign stating that they will only get a 50% refund on their hair if they cancel after the hair is purchased. This covers you for lost time and trouble. At Vision Hair Extensions we allow returns of hair as long as the packaging is not damaged and the hair is unused.

Application Charges for Tape-in Hair Extensions

Each weft is charged individually. If you sandwich 2 together charge for 2 wefts, 1 weft with single sided tape is one weft.

New application-This is much faster than re-application
Charge $5-$7 per weft for a new application

Re-Application (this includes removal, re-taping & application)
Charge $8-$10 per weft

Removal only (this includes shampooing and blow drying)
Charge $75-$125 flat rate.

Charge full price for any hair cutting, coloring you have to do in addition to the tape-ins. If you just have to trim the ends of the extensions I would do this for free.

The average client uses 30-60 wefts. Lesser amounts are for thin hair, more for thick hair. More information on Tape-ins