How Much Should I Charge to Apply Hair Extensions, Beaded Rows, Tape-ins, Fusion/Strand by Strand

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Mar 1st 2020

More Information about Hand Tied Extensions
Determining how much to charge for hand tied, tape-in or keratin/fusion hair extensions service can be tricky. If you charge too little you are undervaluing your time. If you charge too much you may have trouble building a clientele.

Here is where a basic economics class is helpful. If you can find the sweet spot – finding the perfect amount to charge, you feel good about your compensation and you are building a nice hair extension business.

You also need to determine the type of salon you have and what other salons in your area charge. If you are working at a budget type of salon in a rural area you will have to charge less but if you work at a high-end salon in a city you can charge much more.

There are 2 ways to charge: hourly or by service. I recommend charging by the service in most cases. That way you can give an accurate price before the service. If you charge by the hour your client may be watching the clock, (you may have to deduct the 5-minute bathroom break you took). The examples I give below are just guidelines and up charging for the hair on top of the service is totally up to you.

All extension applications include cutting/blending and styling.
Color and highlights are an extra charge.

Keratin tipped extensions or I-tipped extensions. These extensions are a strand by strand application

Best: Charge by the strand
Most extensions cost the stylist $2-$5 a strand. Calculate the cost per strand(or pack) and multiply by 2.5(budget salon) or 3 (high end salons may go as high as 4X).  

Fusion Example:
Your client needs 125 strands (25 strands per pack) and the hair costs $50 per pack ($2 a strand)
The hair costs you $250 X 2.5 = $625. You make $375. Your client pays $625

Or you can charge by the hour. I would charge between $75 and $150 an hour. If you are experienced and fast, charge on the higher end. For removal an hourly charge is a good. Buy cuticle correct, fusion extensions starting at $37

Tape-in extensions charge

The initial application takes much less time than a reapplication so I recommend charging by the hour ($75-$150 hour) plus the cost of the hair (up charge the hair by 20% to 100%)  Buy Donna Bella Tape-ins

Tape-in Example:
1st application takes 1 hour (including blending).
You apply 30 strands (15 sandwiches)
The hair costs you $150, (you up charge your client 50% $150 X 1.5 = $225) you make $75 on the hair
You charge $100 per hour plus the hair you make $175 profit. Client paid $325

2nd-3rd application (using same hair) takes 2.5 hours and includes:
Removal, re-taping extensions and cleansing client’s hair 1 ½ hours
reapplying hair 1 hour. (2 ½ hours total)
you charge $100 an hour X 2 ½ hours - client pays $250. You make $250 profit

3rd-4th application (removing old hair and reapplying new extensions) Removal, and cleansing client’s hair 1 hour.
Applying Extensions and blending 1 hour
New extensions (same amount as before). The hair costs you $150 client pays $225 for the hair.
2 hours X $100 = $200
$200 + $75 profit on the hair = You make $275. Client pays $425

Beaded row hair extensions (hand tied) How to charge.

Like tape-in hair extensions I recommend charging for the cost of the hair (up-charge the hair by 20% to 100%) but instead of charging by the hour you should charge by the row. Most people have 2-3 rows installed. Charge $100-$150 per row plus the hair.

Your client needs 2 rows of hand tied hair (each row has 3 bundles for a total of 6 bundles).
The hair costs $300. You up charge the hair 50% $300 X 1.5 = $450 (you make $150 on the hair)
2 rows X $125= $250
$250 + $150 profit on hair = You make $400. Client pays $700

Reapplication of beaded rows.
If you are going to reuse the same hair charge whatever you row price is.
If your client has more than 2 rows you may want to charge a little less for the 3rd and 4th row.

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