Flat I-Tipped Hair Extensions - the newest innovation for micro bead application

Flat I-Tipped Hair Extensions - the newest innovation for micro bead application

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Feb 24th 2019

Do you like I-tip extensions because of the no-heat/ no-glue application? Have you ever had problems with beads not holding and slipping to the floor? We have a new style hair extension that solves these problems.

In the past I-tip extensions were slow to put in and tended to slip unless crimped perfectly. Removal was hard because the ring sometimes bent wrong and wouldn’t come out. Sometimes the keratin tip became soft and hard to reuse.

Now comes a new system!
Euro SoCap’s new “Flat Ring-On Hair Extensions” solves all of these problems.

The flat shaped tip fits perfectly in a micro-ring. (grooved micro-ring or XL silicone) And the flat shape holds onto the client’s hair securely for no slipping. Plus, the flat shape is wider for better cover - no more stringy looking extensions.

The application is very easy. Just one squeeze with the pliers is enough. No crimping required. And they are easy to move up. Because the micro-ring is not crimped it can simply be reopened, slid up and reapplied. The tip is made of a long-lasting micro-mesh rather than keratin. Stays hard for 2-3 reapplications.

The hair can be moved up, tightened up to 2-3 times. We keep 18” in stock with more lengths available with special order. Call or email for special order. 877-799-8363

There are only 10 pieces per pack so you will have to plan accordingly.

Buy micro-rings separately. Grooved beads are recommended but XL silicone rings work fine also.

Euro SoCap/Seiseta Hair Extensions are sold to professionals only. Please sign up for a professional account at Vision Hair Extensions.

Flat Ring-on beaded hair extensions by Euro SoCap/Seiseta