Euro SoCap Hair Extensions is Changing Name to Seiseta Hair Extensions

Euro SoCap Hair Extensions is Changing Name to Seiseta Hair Extensions

Posted by Lynn Bogen on Mar 2nd 2019

Euro SoCap Hair Extensions is transitioning to a new name: Seiseta pronounced “see-say-ta”. Why, you may ask, would a great hair extension company with a wonderful reputation change their name?

There are three different SO.CAP. hair extensions companies. The original three owners are brothers who split up the business their father created many years ago in Milano, Italy to create their own companies. At the same time, they wanted to keep the company name. To accomplish this, they renamed each company; SO.CAP. Original, EURO SO.CAP., and SO.CAP. USA. SO.CAP. is actually an abbreviation for Society of Capelli or Society of Hair.

So.Cap USA was the first of the 3 companies to make a name change. They became She by SoCap USA. So.Cap Original was at one point “SOBE Hair Extensions of Paris” so that may count as a name change too. Euro So.Cap is the last in the line to make a name change.

The reason behind the change to Seiseta, meaning “you are silk”, is to set them apart from the other two businesses. So.Cap Original sells hair extensions to everyone not just professionals. This hurts hair stylists and their businesses. Euro So.Cap/Seiseta believes that professionals are the only qualified people able to properly apply hair extensions so hair extensions should be sold to professionals alone. She by SoCap USA is rumored to be changing their name yet again to: Capelli Belli but this has not been confirmed by me yet.

The high quality Indian remy hair that Euro SoCap/Seiseta sources from Indian temples is what sets them apart from other brands. They have built relationships from years of business that allows them to purchase the most perfect hair directly from India. This is the reason that they have the most beautiful hair with wonderful body and fullness.

Vision Hair Extensions is proud to sell Euro SoCap/Seiseta hair extensions out of our Wilmington, NC location. We have provided this line to stylists around the USA and Canada for over 12 years. We have seen the quality of Euro SoCap/Seiseta hair extensions get better and better over the years as their technology evolves. Euro SoCap/Seiseta is the only brand we carry that is sold to professional only.