Silicone Micro Rings for Applying I-Tip Extensions

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Silicone Micro Rings
Price: From $8.00 to $60.00


How Many?:

Silicone Micro Rings for Applying I-Tips  
3 sizes available: small, large, x-large

Actual sizes:
We give you the inside diameter, outside diameter and height
Small: 2mm inside, outside 4mm, 2.5 height
Large: 2.5mm inside, outside 4.5mm, 3mm height
X-Large: 3mm inside, outside 5mm, 3mm height

100 pieces.........$8
1000 pieces.....$60

Micro Rings: 2 styles available

Silicone Micro rings:Shorter and slightly wider than copper micro rings. Made from aluminum and lined with silicone to help hold and cushion the hair. Best for fine hair. The smallest rings hide best. 909 & 808 I-Tipped extensions use the small size for fine hair and the large size for thick hair.

Copper Micro Rings:  are 6mm long which is twice as long as a standard micro ring, this extra length means that they can keep your extensions in for longer, they also have a lip at the end for easy insertion of the extension tip. These micro rings do not break hair or pull own hair out. They are very light and look smaller than standard micro rings. 909 & 808 I-Tipped extensions use the small size for fine hair and the large size for thick hair. The Micro Ring method is attached with a pulling hook and pliers. 

Application process:

Before application, we recommend deep clean client’s hair without using conditioner or any oily base product. 

1)   Start sectioning client’s hair from bottom to top .

2)   Insert pulling hook through a micro ring.
 3)   Hook a portion of client’s hair with pulling hook and slide through the ring hole.

4)   Hold the ring ½ inch from scalp and insert I-Tip hair extension through the ring.

5)   Apply pressure to flatten the ring using pliers. 
6)   The more you flatten the ring the better it will stay in but the more difficult it will be to remove.
7)  Trim off excess tip of extension.

Removing steps:

1)   Put the ring vertically in first groove of I-Tip pliers and apply pressure slowly.

2)   Finish – Slide out the extension hair after opening the ring.

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