Donna Bella Hair Extensions

Vision Hair Extensions is pleased to carry Donna Bella pure human hair extensions!
Donna Bella is a leader in competitively priced, high-quality extensions. All of the extensions by Donna Bella are
made of the finest human hair on the market, directly from India. Remy hair extensions undergo special and
highly effective treatment methods in preparation for use, which sets them extensions apart from the rest.

Donna Bella carries various lines, such as fusion extensions, tape-in extensions and i-tipped micro-bead extensions.
Choose from natural shades of hair color, to the deepest and most vibrant shades of pink, blue, purple or green and ombre colors.
You will also find the finest quality accessories for managing and caring for your extensions.

 Because of its reputation for quality and beauty, Donna Bella is one of the most popular hair extension
brands used by professional hair stylists. The silky smooth texture of pure human hair extensions and
fantastic price are just what you are looking for! Order your
 Remy hair extensions today!


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               Keratin Hair Extensions (fusion)                 Tape-in Extensions                         Ombre -Tape-in & Keratin


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                              I-link Hair Extensions 18"                Removers, Tapes, Beads and more...                  

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