909 European Hair Keratin-Tip (fusion)

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Professional Quality Hair Extensions - Keratin Tipped with Super Keratip
Beautiful European Remy hair extensions made of 70% Indian Remy and 30% silky Asian hair, U-tipped with Super Keratip. The Super Keratip keratin is long lasting, up to 6 months,with no break down or shedding. These are the ultimate in professional quality hair extensions. You will be very impressed with this beautiful hair and how much hair each pack contains.

  • Straight and Body Wave
  • 14", 16" & 20" long
  • 40 strands (14"), 38 strands (16"), 28 strands (20") # strands are approximate
  • Keratin-tipped with Super Keratip
  • Fusion application
  • Body wave may loosen, straight may have wave
  • NEW! Some colors are available in  Exclusive quality. Best quality yet! Look for Exclusive in the drop down color menu.
909 Color Chart

Actual hair extension colors may vary slightly from color ring and online color chart.

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Hair Extension Applicator
Price: From $29.00 to $49.00
Hair Extension Applicator
Fusion Iron to apply keratin tipped hair extensions
Hair Extension Shields
Price: $7.00
Hair Extension Shields
Hair Extension Shields to keep the hair and the keratin bond separated - making a neater extension. 10 shields
Hair Extension Loop Brush
Price: From $8.00 to $10.00
Hair Extension Loop Brush
The Original Super Looper
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