Keratin Remover Pliers

Remover Pliers

  • Donna Bella Keratin Cutter

    Donna Bella Keratin Cutter

    The Keratin Bond Cutter is a new, innovative Donna Bella tool specifically designed to help stylists cut the bonds of Keratin Hair Extensions during the pre-installation process. Cutting Keratin bonds can give smaller, more flexible pieces that...

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  • Professional Hair Extension Plers

    Professional Hair Extension remover Pliers

    These professional hair extension removal pliers are top quality. Made of stainless steel they will make the removal of any pre-tipped keratin hair extensions much easier. You won't find a better design anywhere! Shop these hair extension...

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  • Donna Bella Lux Tool for Keratin & I-Tip removal

    Donna Bella Lux Hair Extension Tool

    Donna Bella’s all-new hair extension clamp tool is SLEEK, STRONG, AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. Its simplistic design may understate its multi-faceted capability, but it’s a tool fully equipped to handle any and all bead and fusion...

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  • Blue Handle Pliers

    All-in-One Pliers

    Use this all-in-one extension pliers to apply and remove micro rings, micro beads, micro tubes.  Also for removing keratin hair extensions. Works great with silicone micro rings.One hair extension remover tool does it all!

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  • Classic Hair Extension Remover

    Just as the name suggests, “The Classic” is a reliable favorite and the keystone of hair extension installation and removal. The Classic features the familiar design of the original Donna Bella Hair Extension Crimping Tool, with a few...

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