How to take care of hair extensions, summer care guide

Summer can be damaging to hair extensions. The strong rays of the sun will dry out extensions and the extra shampooing will strip hair and raise the cuticle. Plus swimming in the ocean and in chlorine pools is extremely damaging.
Hair extensions have no natural oil of their own so the correct shampoo and conditioner is very important. It is essential to use a sulfate free shampoo which will not strip hair. Only a single use of a stripping/volumizing shampoo can damage the hair. Shampoo that is formulated for hair extensions is an excellent choice too. We highly recommend Euro So.Cap Super Art Shampoo.

Use a rich conditioner that is formulated for color treated hair. Keep the conditioner away from the roots but be generous with it on the rest of the hair. Do not over rinse the conditioner, (leave a bit behind). We highly recommend Euro So.Cap Nutry Cream Conditioner. Use an oil based or silicone based leave-in conditioner on your hair before drying and reapply daily if hair gets full of static or tangly. When washing and drying hair gently squeeze the shampoo and conditioner through, never scrub the hair. The same goes for towel drying, gently squeeze the hair to dry do not rub.

Swimming tips: It is best to wet hair with fresh water and apply a conditioner, (leave it in), to hair before swimming in chlorine and salt water. By wetting the hair first it will not absorb as much chlorine and salt. (Salt water is used to make dreads so you cam imagine what it does to hair extensions). Wash your hair soon as possible after swimming. Fresh water swimming is ok for extensions.

 Don’t forget to wear a braid at night to keep hair smooth. This also keeps pressure off bonds, eliminating excess hair loss and loss of extensions.
Hair extensions should be treated like highly processed hair which they are. The hair used for extensions is originally a very dark brown to black color. It takes quite a bit of processing to get the hair to the beautiful shaded of reds, blonds and browns we love. If there is curl added to the coloring the hair is even more susceptible to damage.

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