Hair Extension Kits

It can be a tedious task to constantly apply and reapply hair extensions,
especially if you’re new to the trend. We also know that it can be expensive to head to a salon
for application time and time again. With the help of hair extension kits,
changing your everyday look is easier (and more affordable) than ever before!

No matter the style of your hair, whether delicate and fine or thick and wild,
i-tip extensions kit is perfect for those looking for a cold fusion method of application.
Whether you’re looking to apply pre-tipped extensions,
human hair extensions or
synthetic hair extensions, you’ll be sure to find your perfect hair extension kit!
Each kit is designed with the users in mind, providing easy and efficient application tools and DVD tutorials.

Be sure to check out each hair extension kit to find the best option for you and your hair!  

Complete Hair Extension Kit *Ground Shipping Only*
Price: From $129.00 to $174.00
Complete Hair Extension Kit *Ground Shipping Only*
The keratin tipped hair extension kit, fusion technique.
I-Tip Hair Extension Kit
I-Tip Hair Extension Kit
Price: $45.00
I-Tip Hair Extension Kit
I-Tip Kit. No Heat Method. Learn to apply I-tipped hair extensions.
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