General Hair Extensions

These keratin tipped hair extensions are high quality extensions and can be bought by professionals and non-professionals alike. Vision recommends that everyone have their keratin tipped hair extensions applied by a professional for the best outcome. Vision’s general lines of extensions are used by many professional extensionists. We recommend Donna Bella, Vision Select and Q-Indian for the highest quality in our general line. To purchase professional extensions you must be registered as a professional and be logged in.  Find the professional extension links under the category drop down menu or under brands.

  • Donna Bella is naturally straight Indian hair – blends in well with straighter fine hair.
  • Vision Select is a straight and has med/thick strands. Perfect for straight hair – can be curled
  • Q-Indian is the naturally wavy Indian that mixes perfectly with naturally wavy hair.
  • 808 Keratin Deep Wave Hair Extensions

    808 Deep Wave Keratip (fusion)

    808 Deep Wave Keratip - Fusion 18" Blend of Asian and Indian hair extensions 3/4 ounce weight per pack (sold by weight not pieces) 18" has 22-24 strands Option: Deep Wave Exclusive is a smoother and less apt to frizz option, available in...

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