Vision Hair Extensions realizes that hair extension application can be tricky.
We want you to have the most pleasant experience possible when it comes to selecting,
applying and removing your extensions! Here you will find information about all types of
hair extensions – from synthetic hair extensions to human hair.
There is a guide to answer any question you might have!

To learn more about hair extension application and hair extension accessories,
browse the tables below. We can help you choose what type and color.
We can also help you understand how to apply with easy-to-follow instructions
and how-to videos. Once your extensions are applied, you will need to properly care for
and maintain them; we even have the tools you need to learn how to manage your extensions!
Take a look at the information below and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information!

Application & removal instructions:

Step-by Step Instructions for pre-tipped fusion extensions

   How to do pre-tipped fusion extension Video   

    Video and step-by-step instructions   

Video - How to tip hair with keratin and re-tipping, 
re-bonding and reuse hair

   Find out the difference in application techniques

Remove fusion and pre-tipped hair extensions-use the correct solution

Selecting the hair - length, color, type and texture:

Compare the difference between Vision's 909, 808 and Q 
Indian Hair Extensions

   Help choosing your 
extension colors

  Color chart for 909, 808 and Vision Indian Hair

Helps you to better estimate how many hair
extensions you will need

How to take care of your hair extensions

Common questions we get about hair extensions

More Information:

Locate a hair extension salon or add  your salon for free

Suggestions on what to charge and what you should expect 
to pay for hair extensions

Get a Vision certificate Licensed Cosmetologists only


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