I-Tip Hair Extensions

  I-tip hair extensions are perfect if you do not want to use heat, (keratin fusion), to apply hair extensions. I-tip application is sometimes called “cold fusion” but it is not the same as the expensive cold fusion hair extension machines, ($4,000 and up), which uses sound waves to melt the keratin.
  I-tip micro ring hair extensions are great for just a few highlight strands. There's no need for electricity to apply these micro ring fusion hair extensions so they are perfect for outdoor events, team colors, charity events, and parties. Full head applications can be achieved also. Vision Hair Extensions carries Donna Bella I-Link Hair Extensions , I-tip fantasy highlights in packs of 5 strands, grizzly feather I-tips and 808 I-tips (professional sales only)

Tools needed for I-tip installation - All tools available in Accessories

  • 808 I-Tip hair extensions 808 I-Tips

    Sale! 15% to 50% off 808 I-Tips

    808 Remy European Blend Hair Extensions - I-Tipped Made of 30% Indian Remy & 70% Asian Remy Hair (highest quality Asian). The I-Tips are made of Super Keratip keratin which is strong and long lasting, with no break down and...

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