Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape- hair extensions by Donna Bella and Euro SoCap are an amazing way of adding highlights, volume and length to your hair.  They are the gentlest way of adding hair extensions, so they are especially good for delicate, fine hair. 

Available online, tape-in extensions can be worn higher on the crown of the head. For additional volume and they can be used in conjunction with keratin tip or I-tip hair extensions. Place the I tips or keratin tips in the nape area and use the tape-ins higher up on the head and in the front. Tape-ins are sold in wefts instead of individual strands. Each weft is 1 ½” wide and has the amount of hair as 3 keratin strands. Since the hair is spread evenly on the weft, each piece covers fills fine/thin hair beautifully.  When installed correctly, they have a flat, seamless finish.

Reusable - Tape-ins are reusable and need to be moved up every 4-8 weeks. All you need is replacement tape and some tape-in remover. For sticky residue use C-22 citrus solvent to quickly remove the “stickies” from your client’s hair.

2 Tape-in application techniques:

  • Double tape-in application - This technique uses 2 tape-ins one on top and a second underneath sandwiching a very thin section of the client’s hair in-between. Good for thicker hair.
  • Single tape-in application - 1 tape-in is on the top and a single sided hair extension tape is used in place of the second extension. Great for fine hair. Plus, a pack goes a much longer way!