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Hair Extension Classes in North Carolina.
Vision Hair Extensions is offering hair extension certification classes in our Wilmington, NC office. The basic class teaches the 3 most popular techniques of keratin fusion, I-tip with micro rings and Tape-in application. Participants will get 4+ hours of hands-on application practice in this 5 hour class.

The Basic Class focuses on the keratin/ fusion method. This is the most popular of the 3 methods and takes the most practice so we make sure the class will give you a good hands-on foundation for fusion method. Includes: application, removal, re-tipping.

I-tip application uses the same layout pattern as the fusion extensions with just a slightly different application technique. You will learn application and removal

Tape-in hair extensions are a quick way of adding hair extensions to fine thin hair and hair high up on the crown. They can be used in conjunction with other techniques and are reusable. You will learn application, removal and reuse.
Hair Extension Training Course - 3 Systems - Basic
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Hair Extension Training Course - 3 Systems - Basic
Hair Extension Training class - Learn 3 techniques - Fusion, I-Tip and Tape-in
Vision Educational DVD
Price: $5.00
Vision Educational DVD
Learn how to apply fusion hair extensions with Vision's educational DVD.
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