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How to Remove Hair Extensions
Using the correct remover solution makes it much easier

-Alcohol hair extension remover fluid-
Vision's Remover #1

 909 and 808 hair extensions are removed with Remover #1 or D-Bond Gel. They also work on Great Lengths and So.Cap. Extensions. If you are using an alcohol based remover and the bond is getting very sticky you need to change to an acetone based remover. Vision sells 9oz bottles  of alcohol based removal solution (Remover #1)  that will work with any of these type bonds. In an emergency you may use "Everclear" or other 190 proof  grain alcohol or 99% rubbing alcohol.  You may be able to order it at a drug store. Less potent alcohols will not work.
Remover #1 is a liquid and leaves no residue when dry - best for removing and replacing extension if you are not going to shampoo before reinstalling the extensions. Also works great for full head removal 9oz bottle $15
De-Bond Gel is a thick gel that sticks to the bond being removed and makes for the easiest removal.
Be careful - very flammable!

-Acetone Removal Solution-
Vision's Remover #2

Remover  #2 is an acetone based remover. Acetone will not hurt the hair as long as it is not used daily. Many hair extensions sold need an acetone based remover.  The remover Vision sells has special buffers and neutralizers to condition the hair. If you are using acetone based remover and the bond is not breaking you will need the alcohol based remover.


Apply a few drops of remover fluid to the extension bond. Squeeze the bond several times with special pliers until the bond is broken up. You may need to add a few extra drops during the squeezing process. Hold the hair above the bong between your fingers and pull the extension off. If it doesn’t pull out easily apply more removal fluid and squeeze again. More than likely you will have some tangling above the bond caused by hair that has shed but couldn’t fall out because it was held in by the bond. Spray the tangle thoroughly with a detangle spray and pick the tangle apart with a T-PIN. Once it is loose enough you can use a comb. Always hold the hair near the scalp to keep from pulling the hair.

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