How to Apply Hair Extensions Part 2

Applying hair extension bond
How to Attach Bonds

Make sure hair has been thoroughly washed at least 2 times with a clarifying shampoo. No Conditioner!
Bonds need to be attached to ¼” to 1/3” wide sections of hair. Thinner sections are for thick hair and wider sections are for thin hair to give the bond more stability. Hold hair down, not out, when applying the bond. The extension needs to hang freely with out any hair being tighter than others. This will create the most comfort and avoid hair loss from the extensions.
Once bond has been heated to bubbling, quickly before bond cools, fold edges under and roll bond between fingers, reheat bond again and re-roll. It is very important that the top and bottom of each keratin bond is sealed tightly. This keeps water out and makes the bond long lasting. If you have too much hair in bond it will not seal properly. If there is too little hair the bond will slide or pull out the hair.
Once the bond is thoroughly melted let the bond cool for a few seconds before folding over with fingers and rolling so your fingers won't stick. You may also dip your fingers in water just before rolling to prevent sticking. Make sure your fingers are free of any oil or hand lotion.
heat bond until it is melted



Thickening Thin Hair

Applying Vision Hair Extensions to thicken up long-thin hair
Past shoulder length

Long-thin hair can be easily filled in with 3-5 bundles of extensions.
More or less extensions can be used depending on the client’s budget and how thick they want their hair.
 Put a solid row of extensions, every 1/4 inch where there is a solid line. Where there is a dotted line skip a 1/2 space between extensions.

__________ means a solid row of extensions

- - - - - - - - - means brick laying extensions ½” space between each extension
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