How to Apply Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions part 1

This “How to apply hair extensions” guide is brought to you by Vision Hair Extensions - Suppliers of keratin pre-tipped hair extensions.  This guide will teach you the basic techniques to install pre-bonded hair extensions.  This technique is also called: fusion hair extensions.  Fusion hair extensions are pre-tipped with keratin then applied to the hair with the use of a hot hair extension iron. All of the supplies and top quality keratin pre-bonded hair can be purchased on this web site.

Any information in this section may be copied and used for personal or business use as long as there is a link back to  or Vision Hair Extensions is cited along with the copied material.

sectioning for hair extensions(Fig 1)

extension shield (Fig2)
Proper attachment of shield
how to hold extension(Fig 3)
Place keratin tip under hair 1/2 inch from scalp

heat keratin with hair extension iron(Fig 4)
Melt keratin with hair extension iron
roll keratin with fingers(Fig5)
Roll keratin with fingers

Applying in rows-
Most people will have 3 full rows in the nape area and 1-3 rows above this. (See technical manual for different row patterns for different textures and lengths of hair). The first row will be 1”-2” above the bottom hair line. (If the hair is really fine and 5” or longer we generally start closer to 2” up). The second row will be 1” above the first and the third row will be 1” above the second.

Always stay about 1” (1 ½” for fine hair) away from the hair line all around the head. This will keep the extensions from showing

The sides will have 2-6 rows.
-Removal- Apply a few drops of remover fluid to the extension keratin bond. Squeeze the bond several times with special pliers until the keratin bond is broken up. You may need to add a few extra drops during the squeezing process. Hold the hair above the keratin bond between your fingers and pull the extension off. If it doesn’t pull out easily apply more removal fluid and squeeze again. Most likely there will be some tangling above the keratin bond caused by hair that has shed but couldn’t fall out because it was held in by the bond. Spray the tangle thoroughly with a detangle spray and pick the tangle apart with a T-PIN. Once it is loose enough you can use a comb. Always hold the hair near the scalp to keep from pulling the hair.
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