Donna Bella Keratin Bond Cutters

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Price: $25.00

The Keratin Bond Cutter is a new, innovative Donna Bella tool specifically designed to help stylists cut the bonds of Keratin Hair Extensions during the pre-installation process. Cutting Keratin bonds can give smaller, more flexible pieces that are easier to install and result in a more natural, disguised look for the client.

The Keratin Bond Cutter is a superior option over using shears to cut and shape bonds. Its sharp metal pinchers cleanly cut through any bond, without damaging the hair itself. Plus, the angle of the cutters ensure that the bond doesn’t fly away or shoot out after clipping. This tool give you total control with no mess!

Keratin Bond Cutters Features

  •  Ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle
  •  High-quality stainless steel
  •  Double spring for more control & a smoother cut
  •  Clean, sharp edges for precise cut
  •  Spacious area for bond head
  •  Wide edge to cut bond all at once
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