How to Pre-Tip Your Own Hair Extensions & Re-Tipping Old Extensions

Re-Tipping Extensions
Hair Extension Iron
keratin grains, or Super Keratips
keratin sticks for use with a glue gun
(any mini glue gun will work but only special keratin sticks are made for hair)
1. This is what an extension looks like after removal.
Care is needed in removal to keep the hair together for re-attachment.

2.Do not cut off old keratin! Simply heat the old crumbled keratin that is still attached to the hair with the hair extension iron. With your fingers, pinch it flat or roll it for what ever shape bond you would like. Trim the top to get rid of any frayed ends. The sample shows how we shaped an I-tip.
3. To add more keratin to your bond pick up a keratin grain or tip with the end of your hot extension iron. Having them laid out on a towel or table works well.
If you are making I-tips you may not need extra keratin on your bond. (If you want to strengthen any I-tip or U-Tip, use Super KeraTip rebond tips), 

4. The hair extension iron melts the keratin grains or keratin rebond tips so the can be "worked into" the hair extension.
5. Place the hair extension the same way you would with an ordinary application.  The only difference is that you have some extra keratin on the hair extension iron to add to the bond.
6. The old keratin and the new keratin will fuse together and create a bond that will hold as long as a brand new extension.

7. Roll or make a flat bond with your extension.
7. Finished
-You may re-tip all of the extensions before reapplying or retip the hair as you apply.
-You may also add extra keratip bond with kerain glue sticks and a glue gun. We recomend that you retip all the hair before applying when using a glue gun because the keratin will drip out of the gun when you lay it down. Just add a small drop to each extension, shape after all are finished.

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